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Welcome to the Daki Budtcha Records Web Site.

Daki Budtcha Records is one of the leading producers and promoters of Indigenous Australian

culture, music, dance, songs, stories and drama.

During the late 1980s the company began its pioneering venture into transglobal culture. Ultimately, it was rewarded with the successful completion of ‘Mongungi’ – a “modern-tribalistic” form of musical expression recorded in New York in 1994. Daki Budtcha is owned, controlled and managed by indigenous Australians. The company has an impressive stable of indigenous singers, songwriters, dancers, actors, models, producers, directors and storytellers.

Connie Isaacs, known to be the oldest surviving member of the Daki Budtcha Clan of the Gubbi Gubbi tribe (the Gubbi Gubbi people live along the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and Fraser Island), heads Daki Budtcha Pty Ltd. Born on the Cherbourg Aboriginal Reservation in Queensland in 1920, her father was the main songman of the Butchula clan on Fraser Island. Ms Isaacs’ knowledge, experience and wisdom on various sensitive Aboriginal issues are crucial to the activities of the company.

Nigerian-born Ade Kukoyi is the Executive Producer and Managing Director of Daki Budtcha.