The Australia-Nigeria Council (ANC) was incorporated in 2008, after several years of broad community consultations among Nigerians and Australians.

Nigeria, a democracy, is Africa’s most populous nation boasting over 150 million people, a fair proportion of which are young, well educated and ready for global business opportunities. Nigeria has vast natural resources in oil & gas, gold, uranium, bitumen, agriculture and abundant human capital. The Nigerian government is actively promoting infrastructure projects especially in the telecommunications, housing, transport, urban design & planning, agribusiness, education & training and the mining sectors.

Located along the west coast of Africa, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous market and its location along the Atlantic Coast makes it relatively easily accessible by sea. It is also an attractive tourist destination.


Australia, on the other hand, is regarded as a developed western economy with a relatively small market. The ever-increasing population in Lagos (widely regarded as Africa’s commerial hub) is almost at par with the Australian market, thus making Nigeria an attractive investment and export market destination for Australian businesses and products.

Opportunitites exist for Australian professionals and tradespersons in the education & training sector, plumbing, welding, real estate, mining, financial services, urban design, roads and energy.

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