Winner of the Deadly Sounds 2001 Award-

‘Most Promising New Talent’

J-Boy was born in Mt Isa, North Queensland. He is of Arrente descent. J-Boy’s passion for music began from early childhood sparking his interest in various melodic musical styles including country, slow rock, reggae, jazz, blues, cultural and of course today’s smooth vibes of R&B. He was a founding member of Native Ryme Syndicate, the Brisbane based Hip Hop / Rap Group that won the ‘Most Promising New Talent’ Award at the annual Deadly Sounds National Music awards in Sydney in 1998.

In recent times, J-Boy embarked on a solo career under the watchful eyes of the management team at the Indigenous record label, Daki Budtcha. The result has seen J-Boy emerged undoubtedly as one of the promising young singer/songwriters in the country, particularly following his success as the ‘Most Promising New Talent’ at the 2001 Deadly Sounds National Music awards in Sydney. His efforts to communicate with the younger generation of Australia (Indigenous & non Indigenous) led to this debut CD titled “Waited”. Waited is the culmination of numerous events and happenings in J-Boy’s life, yet so prevalent among the younger generation. It is also a reflection of the feelings and experience of J-Boy, particularly in the fierce cut-throat music industry where there are so many aspirants, but relatively few successes.

“When you grow up in a small country town in north west Queensland, and get used to being told that you are a ‘no-hoper’, you need to have faith and find the strength to overcome such adversities”, says J-Boy. Hopefully, some of the younger people will take a leaf out of J-Boy’s book, to be someone and get somewhere in their lives. “Waited” is a unique blend of R & B, dance and Aboriginal Australian tribal lyrics – a new musical expression that we have termed Indijiblu.

Waited by J-Boy

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