Recent News


These first lot of photos show how the land looked before the planting got underway, as well as some of planting itself.

One or two of the photos that follow are about 1- 2 years later and show how much has grown and what has been planted. As time progresses and the planting continues, the block of land will proceed to flourish… The photos at the bottom of the page show the site as it has progressed. Some of the future photos will show the unveiling of the ceremony rings, where the Redcliffe Wakka Wakka dancers were the first to dance since the reconstruction under the supervision of the Traditional Owners, the Ningy Ningy.

Some of the new photos from Kurbingaibah are below; they show how the vegetation has grown as well as some of the visitors to Kurbingaibah. Note the vegetation in the background compared to the top photos. To see the difference note the photo on the right of the second row from top of page (planting of rainforest section) and the later shot, sixth from left on the row below.