These photos are of the ship Duyfken entering Brisbane. The Duyfken sailed into Brisbane as a re-enactment of the original voyage but this time around the crew have made a point of doing the right thing and asking permission before coming ashore. This was done all along its trip, traditional owners being asked for permission before the crew landed.

Logan Campus

The photos above were taken in 2002 at the Logan Campus of Griffith University for Orientation Week where the Redcliffe Wakka Wakka Dancers assisted the Turrbal Song-Woman & Law-Woman Maroochy Barambah in doing a Traditional Welcome to Country blessing.

QUT Law Faculty

These photos were taken at the day put on by QUT Law Faculty, Daki Budtcha Records, Turrbal and Oodgeroo Unit to look at the native title decision 10 years on, 3rd June 2002 where Maroochy opened the conference with a traditional welcome.