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Barambah Beltout


After visiting Cherbourg in 1992 Maroochy Barambah and Ade Kukoyi decided that the Indigenous youth of Australia needed to be able to have a means to not only to have a voice but also to keep in touch with their history, culture and identity. The inaugural festival took place in Cherbourg in February 1994. In 1995, it was held in Murgon. In 1996, the festival was staged in Wondai and in 1997 it returned to Cherbourg for the second time.

The aims and objectives of the festival include:

  • to promote positive Aboriginal role models, not only to the younger Aborigines, but also the wider Australian community;
  • to promote major arts achievers, both indigenous and non-indigenous, in an event that contributes toward the reconciliation between the varying cultures;
  • to engender better community relations and understanding in the South Burnett region;
  • to revive and reinforce the importance of cultural identity in the younger generation;
  • to restore pride and self-esteem in Aboriginal Australia through the reinforcement of hope;
  • to re-awake and reinforce traditional cultural heritage as an integral part of the Australian heritage;
  • to give the younger Aborigines greater opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills by getting them involved in performing arts administration and management in the long term. Ultimately, they will learn to take control of their destinies.

Please check out the Emerging Artists C.D. at Kalakuta Records (recorded at Barambah Beltout in 1998).

The first group of photos are from 1994 to 2000.

The next lot of photos are from Beltout 2000 which was at Redcliffe

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More photos…

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