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Daki Budtcha Pty Ltd was established during the late 1980s by Maroochy Barambah and Ade Kukoyi.  The company was formed as a vehicle to protect, maintain and promote the integrity of Indigenous Australian culture – songs, dances, stories, drama and other related art forms. At a time when the issue of protection of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) was relatively unknown within the broader Australian society, Daki Budtcha began its pioneering operations. The issues of cultural identity and heritage remain crucial to the well-being of many Aboriginal Australians.

In a competitive global market, where the advent of the internet poses huge threats as well as opportunities to the unique Australian Aboriginal cultural products, Daki Budtcha continues to break new grounds and lead the way in setting benchmarks and devising culturally appropriate protocols for the use of cultural property. In this regard, Daki Budtcha has undertaken projects with Indigenous artists of varying traditional Aboriginal background.

The most exiting award received by Daki Budtcha was at the first International Indigenous Business and Economic Conference in Cairns, Queensland in 1997 for “Service to the Music Industry”.

In an ever-changing environment, the ability to utilise cutting-edge technology in a culturally appropriate manner remains one of the on-going challenges for organisations such as Daki Budtcha. For example, the use of the internet to inform, educate as well as distribute unique cultural material is one of the important challenges for its Traditional Owners.


The aims and objectives of Daki Budtcha include:

  • to promote Aboriginal Australian culture – songs, music, dance, drama and stories to the international audience;
  • to engage in and facilitate cross-cultural exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience between the indigenous Australians and other indigenous races of the world;
  • to encourage and support Aboriginal Australian artists and other minority performers in the exploration of overseas markets;
  • to educate, enlighten and enhance the knowledge on non-Aboriginals generally about Aboriginal Australia and vice-versa.,
  • to revive and revitalise the Turrbal and Ningy Ningy Aboriginal languages and culture in South-East Queensland;
  • to represent a point of contact for non-Aboriginals interested in making direct contact with the indigenous Australians.


The activities of the company includes:

music production                    marketing & promotions

publishing                               distribution

artists’ management                 multi-media services

theatre production                   consultancy & educational services

film & video production

Its particular focus is the global market.


Daki Budtcha comprised a team of culturally-enlightened / knowledgeable and technically-skilled personnel :

Ms Connie Isaacs                        – Global Chairperson

Miss Maroochy Barambah           – Global Chief Executive

Mr Ade Kukoyi                           – Global Managing Director / Executive Producer

Mr Theo Condoleon                    – Co-Producer

Mr Alvan Shotade                       – General Manager (PNG & South Pacific),

South East Australia (Vic, NSW, SA & Tas)

Mr Curtis Brown                        – Manager (Perth)

Mr Andrew Seabrook                 – Manager (Brisbane)

Mr Kishore Daswani                  – Director (Hong Kong & SE Asia)

Mr Christopher Becton               – Manager (North America)


Daki Budtcha has an impressive mix of highly experienced, well established artists and promising young talents.  These include:

Maroochy Barambah                        Shemmie

J-Boy                                                Vanessa Fisher

Jacob Kereama                                RedclifFe Wakka Wakka dancers

Allan Randall                                   Alfted Wood


Daki Budtcha is interested and willing to explore co-production opportunities, particularly with overseas entities, in the initiation, development and execution of projects which fall within its areas of expertise.  To this end, we encourage other parties to approach us with sound and viable proposals.

For further information on any aspect of the above, please contact Mr. Andrew Seabrook on: Tel:  61-7-3846 7722     Fax: 61-7-3846 7020     email: or write to: PO Box 3261 South Brisbane Q. 4101 AUSTRALIA.

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