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Ade Kukoyi

With over three decades of experience in management and performing arts administration, Ade Kukoyi is a co-founder & Managing Director of Daki Budtcha Records – a Brisbane-based independent recording and publishing company. The company has worked relentlessly in spreading awareness about the protection of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) in the music industry.   Daki Budtcha is widely regarded as the pioneer in this emerging area of law, particularly in view of the chapter titled Protocols for use of Indigenous Cultural Material co-written by Ade Kukoyi and Maroochy Barambah in the book titled Going Digital 2000: Legal Issues for e-commerce, software and the Internet, ed. Prof Brian Fitzgerald, Prof Anne Fitzgerald & C. Cifuentes.

Ade Kukoyi is also the Principal Advisor of the Turrbal People of Brisbane and Ningy Ningy People of the Redcliffe/Deception Bay area. He has held these positions since the 1990s. He has been primarily responsible for setting, co-ordinating the direction, policies and strategies of both communities as well as well as striking a delicate balance between the maintenance of Daki Budtcha’s cultural integrity and commercial imperatives. Along with Maroochy Barambah, Ade Kukoyi has been actively involved in steering the direction of Turrbal & Ningy Ningy Associations through proactive involvement in various projects within Turrbal ancestral homelands in Brisbane and its metropolis.

In the performing arts sphere, Ade Kukoyi’s experience stretches for over twenty years.  He was an Associate Producer of ‘Black River’, the international award-winning opera film (1993 Grand Prix IMZ Opera Screen award in Paris, France), starring Maroochy Barambah.  Ade Kukoyi was also the Producer/Director of the Goodwill Concert (spearheaded by Maroochy Barambah) held at the United Nations in New York in April 1993 in honour of the International Year for the Worlds Indigenous People.  He has nurtured and managed the career of Maroochy Barambah for over two decades, to international acclaim.  He was the Producer/Presenter of ‘Blackbeat’ on 4ZZZ radio in Brisbane for four years during the 1980s and was responsible for initiating a specialist African music segment on 2JJJ radio in Sydney in the late 1980s.  Ade Kukoyi has also made special guest appearances on many other Australian radio stations as an expert on African music.

Over the years, Kukoyi has nurtured the career of many young Australian artists.  He has been a great advocate of genuine independent Australian record labels and questioned the role of multinational record companies and their real contribution to the Australian music industry as per his remarks in the Courier Mail article of 29 October 1997, p. 17 titled Big firms gain from CD system.